Top Ten Timeless Truths

Certain things have proven to stand the test of time and are consistently true in most of what everyday life throws our way. In this humorous, yet impactful talk entitled, “Top Ten Timeless Truths,” Bruce shares his real-life observations and reflections on ten keys of emotional, relational and spiritual health. Identifying these truths and understanding how they affect our relationships will better equip all of us to live out more meaningful and influential lives of purpose and satisfaction.

Living Your Legacy

Heart of peopleThe choices we make today will impact the legacy we live and leave to those coming behind us. What is truly important and long-lasting? Are we living what we say is priority? This three part series for women can be shared as a mini-retreat in three different sessions or as stand alone sessions.

Busyness or Balance?

Busyness is the cultural norm today but there is a difference between being busy and being effective. Jocelyn invites participants to examine the activity of their own lives and offers various ways in implementing change to achieve healthy balance.

Called to Mentor

One of the most important things we can do in life is to invest in people, especially in those younger than us. But we can’t give what we don’t have. This session reveals a higher calling extended to each one of us and a look inward to our own character and heart in sharing our lives with others.

Made for Relationship 

We were made for relationship with God and others, and loving Him means loving His people. In walking alongside others, we think we need to have all the answers, where God calls us to simply be available. He can use our life’s joys, failures and lessons to teach and encourage others. Participants are invited to explore how to intentionally invest in others.



The Encouraging Environment

So much of who we become and how we behave as persons has to do with the environment we’re raised in. Over the years, we’ve observed that our first 10-12 years of life consistently serve as the foundation upon which the rest of our lives are built and established. In “The Encouraging Environment,” Bruce talks about how to intentionally create a climate in our home, life and workplace which builds, lifts up and provides the best conditions for healthy growth to occur.