The Gratitude Muscle

Speaking Topics
The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Turkey. Green beans. All topped off with pumpkin pie, football, and a nice long nap on the couch. I don’t know what your Thanksgiving looked like this year. Maybe your house was filled with family. Maybe you traveled over the holiday. Maybe it was restful, or perhaps too busy for your liking. Maybe you were with people constantly, or maybe you spent the day alone this year. Maybe your team won, maybe they lost.  Thanksgiving, for me, has always been a nostalgic favorite when it comes to holidays. There’s a time to pause, in the midst of the excitement and anticipation of the Christmas season, to just be, to rest in a day of thanks. I know Thanksgiving Day may not always…
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Critical Conversations

Ministry Opportunities, Speaking Topics
For the last five years, we at TTG have been a part of bringing awareness to our local communities about human trafficking. We know labor and sex trafficking are happening locally to adults and children alike – we have heard some of their stories. We know we have many who are vulnerable to it, and trafficking continues to be the second fastest-growing criminal activity. What we’ve observed is that we don’t like to talk about this kind of thing because it’s unsettling. And in some ways we wonder if we would rather pretend that if we don’t talk about it, it won’t be an issue for us. We would love to start a conversation. Not just about the dangers of human trafficking and what to be aware of, but about a far bigger picture that can…
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Three Hours of Fishing

Life Coaching, Speaking Topics
A laid back, southern fisherman worked diligently from 5:00 to 8:00 every morning. After keeping some of his catch for his family, he then sold the remaining fish at the local market until 10:00am and had the rest of the day free to do whatever he pleased. A slick entrepreneur from the city went to the coast on vacation, spotted the fisherman and struck up a conversation. He encouraged him to hire two or three more guys so that more fish could be caught and more money could be made. The fisherman could then put them in charge and hire five to six more men to catch even more fish.  Meanwhile, he could travel around and look for other markets to sell the bigger amount of fish they were catching.…
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Finishing Well

Life Coaching, Mentoring
As another minute turns into another hour, and another day turns into another week, and as another week turns into a month, and as another month turns into a year. . . I think you understand the purpose of an intro such as this.  Life seems to move at a pace that at times is passing us by. As we approach the fall season of another year, I ask myself these questions: How am I finishing the year? What level of alignment with my personal goals have I experienced due to my choices throughout the year?  Please do not stop here and begin the cycle of self-shame and disappointment—use the next couple of moments to reflect and readjust if necessary. Small adjustments can bring about great changes. We all have room to…
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October 2019 Book Recommendations

Book Reviews, Servant Leadership
Mindset: How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential - Dr. Carol Dweck Dr. Carol Dweck shares the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and the importance of choosing which we will use in our daily lives. Most people operate from both, but we tend to lean toward one mindset over the other. Those with a fixed mindset believe they are stuck where they are with no hope of change. Those with a growth mindset believe they have the ability to change and can tap into greater potential. Our thoughts determine how we act, so the mindset we choose to live from directly influences much of our lives. This book is a challenge to reevaluate our minds and how we’re choosing to think; it can also be a great…
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Finding a Friend in Failure

Life Coaching, Servant Leadership, Speaking Topics
There once was a man who, once a week, posed the same question to his children across the dinner table: “How have you failed this week?” he would ask. When his kids struggled to come up with an answer, or realized they did not, in fact, fail at all this week, the father would challenge them: “You’re not taking enough risks,” he’d say, and encourage them to take the risk of failing the following week. I don’t know if you’re at all like me, but I tend to take pride in my fail-free weeks. Failure isn’t something I tend to include in my list of hopes and dreams, and quite frankly, I don’t prefer to flaunt my failures or announce them to the world when they do happen. It’s not…
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A Mentoring Mindset

Mentoring, Ministry Opportunities, Speaking Topics
I heard the story of someone who rolled up to the coffee shop drive-thru window only to discover their coffee had been paid for by the generous person who had been in line in front of them. The amount given well exceeded the cost of their coffee. The employee asked this lucky recipient what he would like to do with the significant amount of change he would receive. If it were you, what would you choose? Would you go ahead and order a couple of sandwiches and desserts as well? Would you take the change and put it in your pocket for lunch, after all it was meant for you, right? Or would you tell the employee to pass on the gift to the persons waiting in the car behind…
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Building Trust and Relationships

Life Coaching, Mentoring, Servant Leadership, Speaking Topics
Trust is defined as “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” It’s been said that “We don’t attract what we wish, we attract what we are.” If we want to attract trustworthy people, WE must display these qualities first. We cannot command a person to believe in our character or our ability to lead. Lewis Cass was right when he said, “People will doubt what you say and believe what you do.” How do we build and nurture trust?  The answer is in building relationships with members of the organization. We may tend to think of relationships with fellow employees as less important than our personal relationships. However, we spend one third of our days with the people we work with. It seems wise then that to cultivate these relationships would put…
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Back to School

Life Coaching
It’s that time of year again: We buy all the school supplies and clothes, lunchboxes, and pencil cases. There is an excitement in the air as young children count down the days to be back in school. We anticipate an environment conducive to learning and developing social skills, along with fun times on the playground with friends. As I was reflecting on my own students returning, I had this thought: What constitutes a proficient student? Good grades, social growth and healthy friends that make the day go by quickly. Let’s look at the “student” through a different lens. Am I a good student? Who am I learning from and what am I learning? In this season of “back to school,” let’s remember to be open to learning and understanding others at a higher level and becoming the best…
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We Need Each Other: Lessons from the Patience Principle

Life Coaching, Mentoring, Servant Leadership
The Patience Principle - The journey with others is slower than the journey alone.  I experienced the reality of this principle recently when I was traveling abroad with my husband, my parents, my brother, and my grandparents. Of the seven of us, most had little to no international travel experience coming into the trip, but my grandparents had been to our destination many times. They knew the routes, the towns, they knew where we’d be going, what we’d be doing, and the people we would meet up with. And they were TSA pre-checked.  Had it been just the two of them traveling, they would have zoomed through the airport and been off on their way. Yet their patience prevailed when we all, in small waves of two or three, slowly…
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