Beauty in the Broken

Last week, my husband and I were getting ready for work when he pulled out a stick of chapstick. “Oh, this is broken,” he said. “I’ll throw it away.”

And immediately, God spoke to my heart. He reminded me that His view of brokenness differs so much from our limited, human perspective. We view things that are broken as being worthless, no longer valuable, and ready to toss out. But He exceeds our human expectations and finite ways of thinking. When God sees broken, He sees potential for  beauty. He sees an opportunity for something beautiful to grow.

I love nature, and the beauty of trees and flowers. In the life cycle of a flower, growth is impossible without the brokenness of a seed. It’s surely uncomfortable to be broken apart, but only then are the conditions right for a flower to be able to bloom.

So too, it is in our brokenness, our weakness, our neediness, that we are positioned to experience growth. In our brokenness, we invite God to be the gardener, to tend to us, water us, nourish us, and turn us into something beautiful.

I love this video, because it takes us through the process. So often we only see the finished product. We get a bouquet of flowers or see them blooming in the spring. We revel at their beauty, their color, their petite petals swaying in the wind. But we never see the struggle of growth—when the seed breaks, the plant is stretched, and growing pains occur. It is a necessary step in the journey to wholeness. Without brokenness it is impossible to grow. Without the broken seed, the beauty would never be seen.

I’m thankful God doesn’t set us aside or toss us out in our brokenness. He doesn’t so much as overlook us. He draws us near, inviting us to come as we are, to be with Him in our weakness. And much like the flowers, He is nurturing us to bloom into a beautiful creation that brings Him glory. He is making us whole.