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Servant Leadership: The Upside of Down

Servant Leadership, Speaking Topics
Servant leadership is both a leadership philosophy and a set of leadership practices. Unlike traditional leadership styles which come from the "top of the pyramid," the servant-leader models humility by putting the needs of others first and helping people develop and perform to their maximum potential. In this keynote address, Bruce shares illustrations, stories and real-life examples of what servant leadership looks like both at work and in all of life.
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Intentionally Investing in the Lives of People

Speaking Topics
                    Toward the Goal Ministries aims to love God by loving people, walking with them toward growth, health and discovering life purpose. We exist to meet the emotional, spiritual and relational needs of individuals through coaching, mentoring and servant leadership training. Toward the Goal offers: Coaching Mentoring Relationships/Training Human Trafficking Awareness Servant Leadership Training Programs Marketplace Ministry Opportunities Character Development Initiatives DISC Personality Assessments Toward the Goal Ministries is governed by a Board of Directors and is supported by individuals who share the vision of helping people by intentionally investing in them. Toward the Goal Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.
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