What is God’s Will for My Life?

Ministry Opportunities
There are two types of people in this world. The first, are those who can manage to calmly react on a whim and whip their car right where it needs to be when the GPS says "TURN LEFT, IN FIVE FEET." And then there’s the second type: Those who prefer to have all the directions well in advance and know ahead of time that they’ll be taking Exit 71A in 3.2 miles, followed by an immediate left turn and then a right in four blocks. Without a doubt, I fall into the second category. But not only when at the wheel of my car. In life, I’m the type of person who struggles to act without having all the necessary information. I like having directions in full, knowing exactly where…
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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Mentoring, Ministry Opportunities
When you think of a mentor, who comes to mind? Maybe there’s a specific teacher, an aunt, a family friend, a coach, a grandparent, or youth leader who’s spoken into your life, consistently walking alongside you, encouraging you, offering perspective, wisdom, and always a loving, listening ear.  Who have those people been in your life?  January marks National Mentoring Month, a month dedicated to thanking those who have spoken into our lives and considering the impact we too can make on a life if we pass on the gift of mentoring to another.  Not only is mentoring an emotional and relational encouragement—statistics show that mentoring has tangible benefits to individuals who have a mentor: 55% more likely to enroll in college 78% more likely to volunteer regularly 90% are interested…
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