The Five Actions of Great Leaders

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Developing leadership potential can seem like a daunting challenge. In his book, The Five Temptations of a CEO, Patrick Lencioni simplifies the art of leadership by describing five active characteristics of great leaders.

1. Building Trust 

Great leaders know that vulnerability builds trust. They acknowledge their own weaknesses first; people already know them anyway. Authentically acknowledging their own mistakes and growth areas builds trust with the team.

2. Establishing Healthy Conflict 

Great leaders don’t passively choose harmony over conflict. They seek to be peacemakers, rather than merely peacekeepers. They allow and encourage collaborative, engaging discussions to take place. 

3. Providing Clarity  

Great leaders commit to commitments by establishing parameters upfront. Deadlines are great accountability partners, plus Clarity reduces Confusion. 

4. Holding People Accountable 

Great leaders don’t choose popularity over accountability or happy over healthy. Whatever we don’t confront, we allow. Make expectations clear.

5. Focusing on Results 

Great leaders don’t focus solely on subjective, perceived efforts. Objective results help us learn what to repeat or what to improve. 

The Healthy Pattern:

  • Trust allows healthy conflict to occur. 
  • Healthy conflict leads to clarity.
  • Clarity invites accountability.
  • Accountability ensures results.

These five actions of great leaders are a chain reaction that helps cultivate healthy environments in our workplaces, teams, and families. Through developing these habits, we grow in effectiveness as leaders and build an environment that promotes health, growth, and multiplication.



Bruce Hamsher