Leadership Huddles Provide a Place to Learn Together

The heartbeat behind Toward the Goal’s Leadership Huddles is to provide a place of learning together. After hearing from leadership coaches, business and/or church leaders, those in attendance have an opportunity to discuss in small groups or “huddles,” practical ways to implement and apply those leadership lessons in their various environments of leadership. Just as importantly, they have the opportunity to share ideas and learn from one another. Bruce Hamsher, founder of Toward the Goal Ministries and Leadership Coach at Provia shared at TTG’s first Leadership Huddle in February about leading through change. Following are just a few of his highlights.

One thing leadership requires is the ability to lead through change. Leading change is one of the most difficult, time-intensive tasks a leader must do. If  leaders don’t change, the organization will not change and cannot improve.

Servant Leaders are wise in preparing for change, accepting the fact that temporary anxiety which launches positive change is far better than the eventual stress a leader will experience from no change at all.

Transformational leaders know in responding to change, they can expect questions and reluctance from team members that may come in the form of criticism rather than hearing the words, “I’m scared of what this change may mean for me.” It’s understanding that often times criticism for the visionary leader in the midst of change can be positional, not personal.

Servant leaders understand what it takes in sustaining the change– from a character of trustworthiness, to confidence based on conviction, to clarity of expectations and collaboration with the team.

TTG’s next Leadership Huddle will be May 17th at Keim Lumber from 9:30-noon. To learn more about attending a Leadership Huddle, please email Wes Miller at wes.miller5213@gmail.com.