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My desire is to learn something from each person I come in contact with on a daily basis, whether for a few minutes or hours. A couple weeks ago I was engaging with another individual through one-on-one coaching, and I came away forever challenged with a statement this gentleman shared with me.  

The question was simple: What is the difference between confidence and arrogance?  He sat up straight cleared his throat and, with a clear and confident voice, spoke these words: “Confidence is quiet and arrogance is loud.”  I will admit the initial statement was zipping through my mind at a high rate of speed, then everything slowed down. I began to process this simple phrase, and will continue to in the coming weeks.    

As I process this simple truth, my mind goes to scripture and a simple principle we use in our Character Development Initiative: It makes a lot of sense to be a person of few words and stay calm.  Even fools seem smart when they are quiet.”  (Proverbs 17:27-28)

As I continued to process this phrase, here are a few questions I wrestled with and am attempting to consider pro-actively:

  • What are the indicators of becoming “Loud?”
  • Who am I around when I become “Loud?”
  • Who are the confident and quiet people in my life that I can emulate?

Take a few moments to process these questions. I would encourage you to make a list of the confident people in your life.  These are the people we should take a minute and thank. Let’s move ahead on a daily basis and practice the confidence that experience and understanding bring and leverage our influence—for our future depends on it.


Wes Miller.