Life Isn’t Fair….But God Is

Meeting with a 15 year old whose good friend gave in to depression and committed suicide reminded me once again of the many silent sufferers in our midst. As this young man and his friends were trying to come to grips of the realities and aftermath of this traumatic event, two truths came to mind that I was able to share with him.

1. I’m not convinced that anyone in their “right mind” could ever commit such an act. Many people need medication to help with bodily organs like the heart, liver, kidneys etc. However, when it comes to all the physiological connectors in the brain not connecting, causing the brain to not function properly, the “mental health” stigma often wins out and we’re slower to receive medicine because of what people might think…or because that would mean “I’m crazy.” It’s not weak to take medication and we’re not spiritual giants because we don’t need it. Sometimes our brain needs help. Medication doesn’t mean we just “pop a pill” and become magically better. It simply regulates the brain, brings things into balance and puts us in a position where we can make better decisions.

2. I believe that God never intended for us to feel the kind of pain that death brings with it. In the Garden of Eden, we were to freely worship God in all of perfection and to enjoy all of his goodness, with no guilt or shame. We were intended to live forever in this state of being, but since mankind chose to “partake of the fruit” (read Genesis), we now live in a state where everything that is living is on its way to death…every plant, animal and human being. Thankfully, God is so gracious that He’s also created a Second Perfection (Heaven), and thankfully His Son, Jesus came to Earth to become our sacrifice for sin and provide victory over death and sin once and for all.

When things happen that we can’t comprehend or understand, let’s all be careful to not blame God. In the situation above with this young man (and in 1,000 other head scratchers), God was just as sad, if not more so, than any human being was. Let’s all remember, that “Life isn’t Fair…But God is.” Please keep this young man’s family and friends in your prayers as they continue to grieve and process things.