Mile by Mile, Step by Step

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From the city....
From the city…. the country...
….to the country…

Walking the twenty-four miles from Akron to Clinton was a great experience. We walked through the city, past Canal Park (the Akron Aero’s baseball stadium) and crossed beautiful Summit Lake on the floating bridge. The weather was much hotter than our first twenty-six miles making the walk more intense physically, so we were thankful for the shade of the canal’s tree-canopied trail.  After the first sixteen miles, to think about finishing the last eight was a little discouraging. Instead we chose to focus on the next trailhead which was two miles ahead. Once reaching that point, we then focused on the next trailhead, only one mile ahead, and then the next and the next until we completed that last mile. In order to persevere to the finish, we had to break down the bigger vision into very small goals.

Once again I have to ask myself what I can learn about life from this walk. We may have things we want to do in life and goals we want to accomplish. In order to achieve them, we may simply need to break them down into smaller actions we can implement. More importantly, we may have a vision for our lives, not necessarily what we can do but who we want to become. With God leading and working in us, we can be intentional about applying what He’s teaching us, one lesson at a time.

...enjoying God's creation along the way.
…enjoying God’s creation along the way.