Mission Accomplished

Near the end....
Near the end….

One of our goals this summer was to complete the 88 mile trek from Cleveland to Dover via the Towpath Trail and various other roads. This has been a goal of mine since 2008 and now the mission is accomplished!  It feels really good to finally have completed the walk with Jocelyn and thanks to generous sponsors, be able to help the Special Olympics of Ohio in the process. Many lessons were learned as we pressed on toward the finish line of this goal. Our experiences on the four sections of the trail could be summed up by the following four words: Joy, Heat, Flood and Mosquitos. If you want to hear more, just ask. 🙂 But even more than these circumstances, the overriding theme had to be “Surprised by Worship.” It was an incredible time of quieting and tiring ourselves all the while becoming renewed and refreshed by having the margin and space to worship for hours on end. Awesome! Thanks for partnering, praying and celebrating with us.