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Mindset: How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential – Dr. Carol Dweck

Dr. Carol Dweck shares the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and the importance of choosing which we will use in our daily lives. Most people operate from both, but we tend to lean toward one mindset over the other. Those with a fixed mindset believe they are stuck where they are with no hope of change. Those with a growth mindset believe they have the ability to change and can tap into greater potential.

Our thoughts determine how we act, so the mindset we choose to live from directly influences much of our lives. This book is a challenge to reevaluate our minds and how we’re choosing to think; it can also be a great resource to share with young people who are still growing and developing. At every age and stage of life, we have the power and choice to choose which mindset “lens” we will use to view life.


The Book of Proverbs – The Bible The Book of Proverbs, found in the Old Testament of the Bible, contains many principles and nuggets of wisdom that apply both to leadership and our daily lives. Written primarily by King Solomon, considered the wisest man to ever live, this book gives insight into relationships, leadership, and wisdom. With 31 chapters, this book makes for a great daily study, with each chapter corresponding with a day of the month.


The Blessing: Giving the Gift of Unconditional Love and Acceptance – John Trent and Gary Smalley

This book pulls from the Old Testament tradition of the Hebrew blessing and suggests the importance of giving that blessing to those in our lives, whether it’s our children, spouse, friends, co-workers, etc. John Trent and Gary Smalley describe the five elements of the blessing:

  • Meaningful touch
  • A spoken message
  • Attaching high value
  • Picturing a special future
  • An active commitment

This is such a practical resource for individuals in any stage of life who have an opportunity to speak truth and life into others. 


Right Away & All At Once: Five Steps to Transform Your Business and Enrich Your Life – Greg Brenneman

A great tool for business leaders, this book maps out five practical steps to developing a healthier and more effective business; these steps will help you:

  • Prepare a Go Forward plan
  • Build a fortress balance sheet
  • Grow your sales and profits
  • Choose all-star servant leaders
  • Empower your team.

Not only will these principles help grow your business, when applied, they can also be wildly effective in other areas of your life as well. 



Passing the 21 Tests of Leadership: Biblical Insights for Leaving a Legacy of Leadership and Influence – Larry Kreider

All leaders face obstacles. Larry Krieder addresses the various trials that come with carrying influence as a leader in his book Passing the 21 Tests of Leadership: Biblical Insights for Leaving a Legacy of Leadership and Influence. The book addresses 21 different tests that leaders face, along with principles for overcoming these challenges with leadership insights. Included with each chapter is a section of questions for reflection and discussion. This is a great resource for leaders seeking to become more effective in how they relate to and motivate others in all spheres of influence—whether it’s at work, home, church, or within the community


Winning with People – John Maxwell

John Maxwell shares 25 principles for healthy relationships and leading people well. The principles are broken down into five categories based on these questions Maxwell asks:


  • Readiness: Are we prepared for relationships?
  • Connection: Are we willing to focus on others?
  • Trust: Can we build mutual trust?
  • Investment: Are we willing to invest in others?
  • Synergy: Can we create a win-win relationship?

This quick read is a practical, helpful guide to effectively leading others and growing our personal and professional relationships. Winning with People draws on stories from history as well as Maxwell’s own life experiences to point us in the right direction when it comes to working with people. It also has a discussion guide at the end of each chapter which makes it a great book to read through with a friend!


Enemies of the Heart – Andy Stanley

In his book, Enemies of the Heart, Andy Stanley addresses the four destructive “heart issues” that we must overcome in order to live a healthy life—guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy. This book digs in to each of these four emotions and gives biblical guidance on how to deal with them and experience restoration. Enemies of the Heart also has a 6-part guide to discuss the book in a small-group setting.