Reflections on Perseverance

Life is real and raw. We all walk through hard things and deal with brokenness. Illness, injustice, difficult or shattered relationships, unstable home lives, grief and loss, the realization that a + b doesn’t always equal c; we can all fill in the blank with something that’s touched us. Seasons can sometimes pass slowly as we reel and grapple with questions, waiting on God to reveal, heal and redeem our situations; knowing full well that the redemption may just happen in us instead. It’s what I call living in the wait. I would imagine there’s not one of us who couldn’t say that living under the sun can get downright exhausting sometimes. As followers of Christ, how do we persevere? How do we not give up in the wait but continue on and finish strong? Some of my reflections that God has given through various seasons of the wait:

Presence. His Presence is the sweetest thing there is. He is faithful to never leave us and provides all that we need. Even if seasons feel lonely and we don’t have many surrounding us, God says He’s going with us, enabling us to persevere. Exodus 33:12,14; Ps. 16:7-11

Power. The Holy Spirit holds us, fills us and strengthens us with His divine power to continue on. Psalm 63:8, Isaiah 41:13

Purpose.  God created us with purpose on purpose for His purpose. Our purpose in life is wrapped up in Him. It’s beautiful and powerful involving love relationship with Him and building His Kingdom with the way He’s uniquely designed us. With life hurts and happenings we can get derailed at times, and even let our own agendas get in the way. But when we’re reminded that there’s a bigger story and we can join Him where He’s working, that kind of meaningful living can fuel us forward. Acts 13:36

Passion.  Meaningful purpose you believe in feeds long-term passion. And where there is passion, there is perseverance.

Perspective. Taking our eyes off the circumstance and putting them on the finish line broadens our scope. The finish line gives us direction and vision to persevere.  Phil. 3:14, Hebrews 12:1-3

Promises. His promises made to us in His Word are declarations of truth, weapons of warfare and security to stand on. Continually praying His promises brings Hope to persevere. Luke 18:1-8

People. Having others in our lives where there is mutual caring, sharing, and encouragement is a gift from God and essential in persevering.  

When it comes to persevering, Jesus is our Source, our Reason, our Example. These things He gives don’t necessarily take away the grief we may feel as we walk the journey toward Home, but they can most assuredly bring peace, strength, and Victory as He transforms us to be more like Him. We can trust He is doing a beautiful thing in the wait.


Jocelyn Hamsher