Think Again

We will eventually do what we think.  

This statement is taken directly from one of the Character Development Initiatives that we use at Toward the Goal.  While sharing this with a team I was challenged with several questions.

  • What or who influences my thinking on a regular basis?
  • How do I take captive thoughts that are not helpful?
  • How do I filter my thoughts?
  • What does it take for me to change the way I think?

As a leader people will tend to think like you do over time.  One of our daily goals should include a reflection on the day and our thought processes.  We can gain valuable insight when we take the time to reflect and ask the question, Why did I think that way?  

Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”  This verse has been ringing in my ears; if we can agree that our thoughts control much of what we do, our heart is of the utmost importance.  Let’s move forward and prioritize our thoughts and let our actions follow. Proper thinking is based on truth. Improper thinking is based on assumptions, feelings and emotions.  

Pace is vital to filtering our thoughts.  When the pace is appropriate the filter for my thoughts is in place and functioning. When the pace is elevated for a length of time, the filter seems to have tears and flaws, and in some cases seems broken altogether.  In order to avoid this, I ask myself, What are the indicators? If we can recognize these we will control our thoughts rather than letting them control us.

Am I okay if my thoughts turn into actions? If not, then let’s make the appropriate adjustments and continue to love and serve those around us well.


Wes Miller