TTG Leadership Huddle Takeaways

Zach Coblentz, leader at Hartville Hardware, shares on what it means to lead by coaching.

We just finished up our second Leadership Huddle at Keim Lumber, and we are excited about the fruit that will be produced by the efforts of the leaders who attended! Bruce Hamsher, founder of TTG and Director of Leadership Development at Provia, started off the day by talking about how leadership is a great thing to pursue, but not always what it may seem. As John Maxwell says, when we have increased leadership responsibilities, our rights naturally decrease. As leaders, we must be willing to serve and be okay with not getting all of the credit. True servant leadership causes leaders to become “hidden” in the success of their followers. As followers, all of us are following someone, so it is important that we are wise and thoughtful about who we follow. Either we follow a leader who is power hungry and controlling, or we can choose to follow a leader that lifts us up, giving us freedom that allows us to become part of a transformational movement.

Zach Coblentz, from Hartville Hardware, shared about coaching and the impact that it can have on people’s lives. Whether in business, sports, education, or anything else, proper coaching is one of the most valuable and instrumental things a person can do for another. No matter what type, a coach is supposed to set their team up for success by placing them in the right positions to succeed. Zach shared about how coaches are: smart, willing to adapt, relationship driven, help their players progress, offer feedback with solutions, and finally push everyone they are around to become better. No matter where we find ourselves, we all have influence and must be willing to push each other to become better through love. As coaches of others, we must care enough about people to have the hard conversations, yet be there to build up and affirm others when they do things right.

Bruce finished up the session with a talk on “The Exchange Principle”. As we grow older and find ourselves in a particular season of life, it is important that we are able to evaluate what we’ve done, who we are, and where we want to go. We must examine what it will take for us to finish our lives with a purpose as we move from a life of success to a life of significance. As leaders, we must be willing to multiply our efforts by investing in other leaders, who will in turn invest in others. Bruce also shared the importance of identifying our strengths and then maximizing them. Leaders must be able to identify their weaknesses, and be humble enough to realize they need a team to get things done. It is imperative that we find the gifts God has given each of us so that we can experience kingdom work through our calling. Remember, fear keeps us paralyzed in a past we cannot change, but faith propels us to believe in a future that we will change.

The next Huddle is August 16th at Keim Lumber. To register, please email Wes Miller at Hope to see you there!